German construction sector recuperating – but slowly

Revenues were down 2% last year in the German construction sector. While the situation is slowly improving, the 2010 building construction prognosis prepared by OC&C Strategy Consultants assumes nothing better than stabilization for the branch. In contrast to other institutes, who seem to be agreeing on stronger recuperation, OC&C is forecasting an effective market decline of 0.1%. They attribute this to the aftereffects of the global financial and economic crisis, particularly in the non-residential sector, while the residential construction sector can expect to draw increasing profit from stable to mildly increasing demand coupled with an intensified trend toward sustainability, green building and the like.

The consultants are taking a cautiously positive view of the overall market’s medium-term behaviour. They see a minor upswing coming for 2011 and 2012. Overall, OC&C perceives two main challenges for the companies: they must safeguard and expand their market positions in a problematic, competitive market environment, and, while doing so, maintain their own internal profitability.


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