24 to 27 August 2010, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina State, Brazil

39th National Meeting of the Brazilian Red Ceramic Industry

From 24 to 27 August the 39th National Meeting of the Brazilian Red Ceramic Industry organized by Anicer (National Association of the Ceramic Industry) is taking place in Florianopolis in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

The Brazilian red ceramic industry is composed of more than 5 500 factories that generate over US$ 3 bill. in annual revenues. The meeting is now a platform for the dissemination of technical knowledge, sector information, the evaluation of future scenarios, business transactions, the introduction of new technologies, and exchange between Brazilian entrepreneurs and others from all over South America, and European countries as well.

More than 1 600 people attended the last meeting and visited the halls of the 12th Expoanicer, the exhibition held parallel. This year, the event’s themes include sustainability and innovation. The underlying statement is that industries of the future should add the best processes, qualified products, social and environmental responsibilities, and a continuous process of reflection and change.


13th Expoanicer

A major South American fair, the Expoanicer (Exhibition of Machines, Equipment, Products, Services, and Input for the Ceramic Industry) is expected to gather more than 80 Brazilian and worldwide brands in an area of over 7 200 m2. Besides introducing the most modern options and innovations in terms of projects, machines, equipment, input, accessories, spare parts, and other items, the Expoanicer is focused on closing business deals and prospecting new partnerships during and after the National Meeting.

In the last edition, held in Belém/Pará, the fair achieved more than US$ 16 mill. in business transactions in little more than 3 days.


Forum, clinics, meetings, visits and much more

The programme for the 39th National Meeting of the Red Ceramic Industry also includes a forum with business presentations on technical manufacturing processes.

Meetings are also scheduled for professionals from Sebrae (Brazilian Support Service to Micro and Small Companies) and Senai (National Service for Industrial Training), key partner institutions for the ceramics sector.

As a major occasion for the sector in Brazil and South America, the meeting will also feature speeches to consumers, prizes for industry highlights, and technical visits to brick and tile manufacturing facilities, thus offering great opportunities to learn about the specific aspects of the local ceramics industry.


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