Sabo upgrades the Cemacon Srl plant, in Romania

Sabo has recently upgraded the main plant of Cemacon Srl, one of the largest brick makers in Romania. The upgrade aimed at a significant increase in the production capacity and the handling of new thermal-insulating blocks. 

The competitive environment, the current market challenges, and the increase in energy costs make the effort to improve the efficiency of the existing plants today even more imperative. Improving production capacity by performing focused investments is one of the options in this direction. Yet, it is a difficult task that requires correctly identifying the actual bottlenecks of every production process.    

Through close cooperation, Cemacon and Sabo studied and identified the areas to be upgraded. The conventional dryer-frame unloading was replaced with two high-capacity robots to perform the task. The dryer frame handling was changed to accommodate the new design. Sabo studied how the existing chain conveyors will be changed locally with minimum investment and time. The block positioning was secured before the robotic pick-up to ensure efficient operation. Necessary changes to the setting machine were made for the accurate and faster programming of the layers by using modern technics. In general, the handling of the dried bricks was simplified and minimized by avoiding all unnecessary movements. The software and HMI were entirely changed to a modern, parametric, and flexible control system. The new upgraded setting machine gives high flexibility in creating better settings that can help the firing process. 

Finally, the tunnel kiln was extended, the recovery and counter-pressure ventilation were changed, and all changes were incorporated into the existing Sabo kiln automatic regulation system.

The project concluded successfully and on time.


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