Patents April 2013

more patents: see german part

1. Tunnel dryer for construction products such as bricks and tiles

2. Brick having a plurality of tubular hollows

3. Fiber enforced thin bricks sheet and process

4. Jaw crusher

5. Ceramic composition

6. A product for providing heat insulation on the outer sidings of the buildings of a method of mounting thereof

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more patents: see german part 1. Additive for molding of ceramic material 2. Porous ceramic sintered body 3. Providing heat insulation for the outer sidings of the buildings 4. Ceramic mixture for...


Patents Septemebr 2011

1. Pan tile roofing system 2. Fastening device 3. Rheology modifier for ceramic glazes 4. Building cover element with an integrated energy production device 5. Jaw crusher


Patents July 2011

1. Thin wall veneer brick and manufacturing assembly therefor 2. Method for producing roofing tiles and device for producing said roofing tiles 3. Method of dedusting a pulverulent building material...


Patents November 2012

1. Brick coupling system 2. Method of trimming unfired pottery using a turntable apparatus 3. Solar cell roof tiles 4. Brick laying jig


Patents June 2011

1. Paving/brick unit with integrated lighting system 2. Crusher mill 3. Slurry compostion 4. Building elements and building system using such elements 5. Refractory wall for a combustion furnace...