BAU forums set out the future of architecture and urban planning

So what does the future of building look like? How are architects and planners tackling these problems? What innovative products, systems and manufacturing methods are available? Who today has a vision of what tomorrow’s built reality will be like? Experts from all over the world will be giving answers at BAU 2015. They will be reporting on their work and their projects, and answering questions from the audience; Right in the midst of the trade show, in the forums in Halls A4, B0 and C2. All of this added value is included in the price of a ticket to BAU.
Forum A4 – Architect and Industry in Dialog
The forum in Hall A4 explores the role of the architect now and in the future. It is divided into two parts. The morning and midday sessions are organized by BAU in cooperation with the architectural journals AIT and XIA, and the German interior designers association, the Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten. Each day between 11:00 and 14:00, architects and manufacturers in the building sector will be engaging in interesting discussions on current themes. Speakers from international architectural practices and representatives from industry will be reporting on – and discussing – new developments and trends. The themes extend from the technical possibilities of timber-framed buildings to elastic materials in mobile architecture, the transformation of existing buildings, new regulations on lighting, hybrid uses and social responsibility in architecture
Forum A4 – Detail research—Building the Future
Utopian visions and futuristic scenarios are a thing of the past. Architectural, urban-planning and building research is increasingly meeting the challenges of the future with specific recommendations for action and a solutions-oriented approach. On six afternoons the forum “Building the Future” by Detail research presents international and interdisciplinary research projects – all with a practical bias. Well known speakers give an insight into their research activities:
How can urban planners and architects create a framework that can cope with ever-expanding urban communities? What is happening with the rural areas that are experiencing an ongoing exodus of people to the cities? How can we continue to build while also saving resources, and how can we best recover materials from demolition and return them to the materials cycle? How will series manufacture impact on the built environment? And what influence do we as users have on the architecture of the future?
Forum C2 – The Future of Building
In the Forum “The Future of Building”, once again well known planners, architects and building engineers will be setting out their vision of building design and construction for the future, and illustrating this with project examples.
> Urban life 2030: Demographic change in Western Europe and in other developed economies, and the consequences of the shift to clean energy are demanding a new definition of the city
> BIM: The theoretical basis will be covered and in particular positive international examples presented
> High-rises… are also a political and ideological symbol, a physical, built expression of power and success
> Intelligent Urbanization: Mobility, the integration of work, life and homes, climate change and dwindling energy resources—all this is demanding new urban solutions
> The Next Big Thing: What will be the next really big thing in the coming years in architecture, structural engineering, lighting, design and materials?
> Emerging stars in emerging markets: Who are the star architects of tomorrow? Who will be building in 20 years time?
Forum B0 – From Vision to Reality
Forum B0 takes a look at important overarching themes in the building sector from a number of different perspectives.
> Monday: Sustainability through innovative building systems
> Tuesday: Resource-efficiency – Using and re-using building materials
> Wednesday: The road to clean energy – A practical guide (morning)/Property Industry Day (afternoon)
> Thursday: Sustainability through quality and advanced materials
> Friday: Safety and comfort hand in hand (morning)/Universities Day (afternoon)
> Saturday: Energy-efficient urban districts
Four institutions are involved in Forum B0: Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety; the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance; the Bundesarbeitskreis Altbauerneuerung (BAKA); and the European Door and Shutter Federation e. V. (E.D.S.F.). The German Federal Ministry will be reporting in a number of lectures on research and grant initiatives and on the political goals and legal framework. The Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance, comprising 17 different institutions, is pre s enting some of its research work and illustrating this with specific project ex amples. Another focus in this forum is the modernization and renovation of buildings. In the lectures given by BAKA, the attention will focus on how to improve existing buildings to meet the challenges of the future. The E.D.S.F. is again organizing the forum on gates and doors.

Messe München


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