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Reduced tax rates & national construction sectors

Mr Martin Oldridge (Sandtoft Ltd., a UK roofing tile company) has provided an analysis of the recent EC Taxation Paper n°13 on the Study on reduced VAT applied to goods and services in the Member States of the European Union. He reports that for some years the UK has been building and regenerating too few houses, and the housing stock is steadily deteriorating. However, in most European member States and until recently, more houses were built per head of population than in the UK. Mr Oldridge goes on to argue that with the current financial crisis and the sharp drop in new-build project that...

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42 low-energy houses in Nieuwkoop

At first glance this residential estate with its 42 low- energy houses has the rather unobtrusive look of old houses from an era when thermal insulation was only a minor concern. The clear-cut, yet...

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2010 a difficult year for Dutch clay brick manufacturers

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04.06.2009 News: Charles-Antoine de Barbuat heads European Suppliers to the Ceramics Industry (ECTS)

The members of the Working Group European Ceramic Technology Suppliers (ECTS) elected Charles-Antoine de Barbuat, CEO of Keyria S.A. Paris as their new chairman at its membership meeting in Monforte...

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Construction sector grows in all 19 member countries for the first time in 2017

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