One of the biggest: Händle‘s optimized WMH 818a roller crusher

With a maximum volumetric throughput of some 250 m³/h and a maximum feed size of roughly 1 000 mm, the hydraulically powered WMH 818a roller crusher is one of the biggest on the market for the precomminution of hard, cloddy raw materials for ceramics. This hydraulic crusher’s topicality is underscored by the fact that a number of them have been delivered just recently. Indeed, the engineering of this large and powerful crusher dating from the year 2000 exemplifies a sea change in the philosophy of brickyardmachinery design and development. Until well into the One of the biggest: Händle‘s...

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Issue 2011-9

Optimal size reduction with roller crushers by Händle

In materials preparation, roller crushers are responsible for the “rough stuff“. They are optimally suited for the primary size reduction of soft or hard, moist or dry clods of clay with or without...

Issue 2011-9 Technical news

Automatic souring plant evacuation – Händle’s new longitudinal and cross-dredging excavators

The excavators that ­Händle engineered in cooperation with Petersen, DK-Broager, are now being manufactured by Händle ( ) alone. In that connection, the entire line of...

Issue 2009-10

Market-appropriate, multifarious facing-brick production: The preparation plant of the soft-mud brick factory in Measham

1 Company and plant concept GB-based Hanson Building Products is part of the Geman Heidelberg Cement Group. Hanson operates its quarrying and building products businesses across the world but produces...

Issue 2011-9 Technical News

High-performance fine roller mill Alpha II by Händle

Händle’s ( ) rollout of the Alpha II in the year 2000 marked the appearance of a whole new generation of hinge-type fine roller mills for ceramic materials. Today, more than 80 Alpha...

Issue 2013-10

Händle extruder E 25 successfully introduced to the Chinese market

The first report about the newly engineered type-E 25 extruder with barrel diameters of 200 mm and 250 mm appeared in Zi Annual 2011. Now, just last spring, Händle‘s first ER 25a/20 de-airing...