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Quality and tradition – handmade bricks from Sindal

Falkenløwe Brickworks “Sindal Teglværk”, Sindal (Denmark)

Handmade bricks have been made for over 150 years at “Sindal Teglværk”. In an age-old process, the wet clay is pressed by hand into wooden moulds. The green bricks are then air-dried and fired in a coal-fired annular kiln.

1 Introduction
The name Falkenløwe is synonymous with traditionally made clay brick products. Enewald Falkenløwe Senior founded the company in 1962 and built up a clay brick sales business over the 1960s. He represented three partner brickworks, two of which gave up production in the course of the years. When Sindal Brickworks was also on the verge of giving up, Falkenløwe bought the plant in 1991 and has been making bricks there ever since.
According to the company director, Sindal Brickworks is the only brickworks in Denmark today in which cloister und common bricks, brick specials, floor...

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