testo 350 portable flue gas analyser – now with wireless data transmission

The testo 350-S/-XL portable flue gas analyser with large display, for fast and easy reading of the measured values, has proven itself worldwide as an ideal tool for the professional commissioning, adjustment and regular maintenance of stationary energy and firing systems.

For portable use at industrial installations or in applications in which there is a big distance between the gas take-off and the burner (measuring point), the measurement device has to be as flexible and as easy-to-use as possible. For this reason, with the testo 350-S/-XL, the control unit for display of the measured values and control of the flue gas analyser is detachable.

For hassle-free and simplified flue gas measurement, testo 350 now supports communication between the detachable control unit and the flue gas analyser by means of Bluetooth technology. Thanks to the wireless data transmission, for large plants, distances between the control unit and the flue gas analyser up to max. 100 m (free field) can be easily bridged without the need for a direct cable connection. With Bluetooth as an interface, readings can be quickly and easily sent from the flue gas analyser to a notebook or on-line measurements with the notebook can be performed on site.


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