Brick Plant Sicomac Ltda., Tarija, Bolivia

Optimization of production in a Bolivian brick plant

In the Sicomac brickworks in Tarija, Bolivia, masonry bricks, roofing tiles and floor blocks are manufactured in different formats and qualities. Insufficient raw material preparation and firing in an annular kiln lead to problems in the quality of the ceramic products. In the basis of an “actual state analysis“, recommendations for the possible improvement of the product quality were made in cooperation with the Bolivian partner; these were already realized in part during the consultation assignment. Further optimization approaches were the implementation of economy measures in therms of natural gas consumption and tests for the manufacture of leightweight bricks which are no yet offered on the Bolivian market; both approaches were carried out successfully.

1 Introduction

Both very old and also newer technology exists in the Sicomac brick plant. The objective of the Bolivian partner was to optimize the actual state and to modernize the plant further, in order to be able to substantially increase the production capacity in future. The author advised the Bolivian plant, also on the basis of the development aid already provided by him in various brickworks in Africa/Congo, India/Kerala, Latvia/Riga and Romania/Orastie, and gave support in realizing the different optimization projects.

2 Tarija brick plant

In the Tarija brick plant, which is...

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