Higher firing quality thanks to technology from Marcheluzzo Impianti

The company Marcheluz­zo Impianti has success­fully completed the assem­bly and start-up of the new plant of the Soceram Group in Doicesti, Romania. Impressed by the organization of the building site, the client, who is also investing in other sectors at present, expressed
his praise for Marcheluzzo Impianti and their Italian personnel in an article in the principal economic newspaper in Romania.

The plant was planned entirely by Marcheluzzo Impianti with particular attention being paid to: clay preparation line, intermediate clay store, production zone up to extrusion, pre-cut and final cut, dryer car loading and unloading, handling of the dryer cars, all the equipment of the tunnel dryer, setting machine, tunnel kiln complete with insulating masonry and suspended roof, ventilation, pipelines and insulations, firing system and automatic regulation, unloading of the fired material and the corresponding packaging line.

Marcheluzzo Impianti was involved in the supervision and construction of the building and the dryer structure which was carried out in prefabricated construction with panels to guarantee a high degree of insulation.

Commissioning of the plant and the subsequent attainment of the maximum production capacity of 600 tonnes per day was achieved within a very short time: in practice, from the start of production it took only one month until full production capacity was reached.

In the planning above all of the dryer and the kiln, Marcheluzzo was able to draw on forty years experience and on the immense know-how of the technical staff. Innovative – and in part patented – solutions were adopted, which operate extremely successfully and provide the thermal equipment with a high degree of flexibility. This is why it was possible to start up the plant quickly and to attain not only the agreed parameters within a very short time but also the promised production figures with an excellent quality of the finished product.

Particular attention was devoted by Marcheluzzo Impianti to the complete design of the new tunnel kiln in this plant. The request from the client to simplify the operation of the kiln at every point and to guarantee flexibility in regard to changes of product was fully satisfied by the staff of Marcheluzzo Impianti. To achieve this, the kiln is controlled fully automatically by a PLC and managed by a very simple and intuitive programme, which was developed on site with the collaboration of the technicians assigned to operate the kiln in the daily production routine. The kiln walls and the roof area are in traditional construction lined with high-quality refractory materials. The insulation of the walls and roof was installed entirely with dry materials following specific calculations of the heat transmission values and gives excellent results in terms of supply, laying and possibility of intervention. But above all the energy consumption values recorded in the course of production were unexpectedly positive. It was observed that with the changing of the operating variables by the PLC, every change is implemented by the kiln precisely within very short times, enabling the operator to optimize the gas consumption, set the firing zone inside the tunnel under high pressure and to achieve homogeneity of firing over the entire cross-section of the firing chamber.

Particular attention was also paid to the ventilation; the entire system is managed by inverters which optimize the flow of necessary air, dose the correct supply of electrical energy and thus guarantee the lasting efficiency of the plant and saving of electricity – both factors being important for optimization of the energy consumption.

Through continual research and development work, project for project, Marcheluzzo Impianti is able to offer existing clients and also future customers new and innovative technologies to improve the quality of the final product.


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