New energy-saving tunnel kiln for Grasten Teglvaerk A/S

Needing a new tunnel kiln, Danish facing brick producer Grasten Teglvaerk A/S opted for the technology and flexibility of KWS Strohmenger, i.e., for optimal quality at minimal cost. This contribution describes the particular specifications, structural details, technical solutions and innovations for achieving the said objectives and, of course, the results.

1 Introduction

The Grasten Teglvaerk brickyard is owned by a venerable old Danish brick-making family who, for 8 generations now, have been producing some 30 varieties of high-quality facing bricks in Egernsund, Denmark. They export the bricks throughout Scandinavia and to northern Germany. Recently, their narrow old tunnel kiln, which had been in service for many long years, was supposed to be replaced with a wider, more productive new one that cannot only turn out more bricks faster, but also meet the following objectives:

› optimal brick quality (crack-free, with consistent fired colours and...

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