Development of a multi-functional building cladding made of surface-refined bricks

A new protective building façade was planned for a special building project, the Institute for the Handicapped in Linz. In addition to long durability and a representative façade design, the economic aspects of the best possible building protection, easy care and an extensive use of solar energy for warm water preparation and for partial heating of the building also had to be taken into account. This report describes the development and testing of the brick façade.

1 Introduction

The project was realized jointly with the University for Artistic and Industrial Design Linz, the two Institutes for Architecture and Art Ceramics, who are both contractually responsible for the planning, execution, and interior design of the entire building project. Responsible for the product development of the surface-refined brick clay façade and the system construction of the external wall protective cladding, which had to be optimized both in terms of building technology and building physics, was the Ingenieurbüro RAT. Testing investigations, including structural stability,...

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