Dr. Karsten Junge †

Dr Karsten Junge, Director of the Brick and Tile Research Institute Essen Regd. (IZF), died unexpectedly on 14 March 2010.

Following his degree and PhD studies at Clausthal-Zellerfeld and first professional experience in the steel industry, he joined the IZF in spring 1982, initially taking over management of the process engineering department. In 1986 he was appointed IZF Director.

Besides his considerable scientific engagement, in difficult times for the clay brick and tile industry, he directed the fortunes of the IZF with imagination, drive and a consistent line of action, demonstrating strong entrepreneurial skills.

Dr Junge was always eager to pass on his scientific expertise and field know-how in publications, seminars and specific, practice-oriented consultations as well as to use this for the further development of clay bricks and tiles and to resolve technical and physical problems in the production of bricks and tiles.

This success gave him a name in other sectors too. Acknowledgement of his scientific expertise formed the basis for his appointment as an expert appraiser in the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) in the year 1996.

His cooperation in scientific research and wealth of field expertise was also held in high esteem in the Association of German Engineers (VDI), in the technical committee on “Drying Technology and Heat and Mass Transfer”.

Moreover, it was credit to his close ties to universities and colleges that young graduates were able to become involved in the research work of the IZF and find a wide range of fascinating scientific topics here. Several of these projects have been successfully submitted as dissertations.

The employees, the members, the Board and the Advisory Board of the IZF as well as brick and tile manufacturers and plant engineers, and we too, the editorial team of ZI Brick and Tile Industry International, mourn Dr Karsten Junge.

We shall sorely miss him as a long-serving member of our Editorial Advisory Board and as a loyal and trusted author.


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