Plant and equipment contractors present their new solutions at the 56th Clemson Brick Forum 2010

2010 has been another very difficult year for North America‘s brick and tile industry. The impacts were plain to see at the 56th Clemson Brick Forum. Though, at 406, attendance was a bit higher than in 2009, the mood was even more subdued than in previous years. By tradition, most of the forum‘s speakers are brick makers. This year, however, major vendors took the leading role at the Clemson Brick Forum, where they unveiled their ideas and innovations for increasing both productivity and quality. Foreign participants hailed from, among other countries, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France.

1 Introduction

For the third time, and already emerging as a tradition, the forum was held at the Anderson Sports and EntertainmentCenter in Anderson, South Carolina.

As announced by Program Director Prof. Dr. Denis Brosnan in his Zi 9/2010 editorial, a freely accessible search engine is now available at, so readers can find and order contributions presented at forums reaching all the way back to 1978 by entering a key word, a title, a presenter or the presenter’s company.

Sunday evening was the first chance to pay a visit to the attendant exhibition and collect information...

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