Renewal via continuity

Ceric Technologies’ startup

On March 26, 2010, ending insolvency proceedings that lasted several months, the commercial court in Paris has approved the transfer both of assets from the companies Ceric, Hallumeca and Pelerin to the “Ceric Nouvelle” project headed by Patrick Hebrard and Laurent Toquet and of business interests in the Spanish subsidiary EquipCeramic, thus making the new company its principal shareholder. The capital side, i.e., “Pléiade Investissement” and the original founders of Ceric, Mssrs. Rasse and Merienne, came out in support of the buyers‘ project.

“Ceric Nouvelle”, now operating under the new name “Ceric Technologies”, is aiming for market leadership as an engineering company and plant contractor producing turnkey solutions for the heavy clay construction industry. The company would like to preserve its presence and services on the same international markets where it has always been active and provide an uninterrupted flow of services for all its original customers.

Ceric Technologies is starting off with a stable foundation and a core team of experienced, professionally credentialed engineers and technicians. With the effective support of partner banks, the new owners have succeeded in starting off with a solid equity basis devoid of debt and armed with the requisite bank guarantees to back up future projects.

As in the past, that is, as they continue to design and develop competitive, globally recognized technologies, the Ceric Technologies teams are once again wielding their cumulative expertise to their customers‘ advantage.


Patrick Hebrard, 58 – President of Ceric Technologies
› Ceramic engineer from
“Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Céramique”, Sèvres (1976)
› With Ceric since 1976
› Managing director of Ceramic Automation (1995-2002)
› CEO of Industry Ceric (2002–2007)
› CEO of Technic Ceric (2007–2010)
Laurent Toquet, 34 – Chief Administrator and CFO, Ceric Technologies
› Engineer from “Arts et Métiers” (2000)
› CFO at Ceric since 2008
Pléiade Investissement
› Investment holding with a capital-formation orientation
› Pléiade Investissement provides support to entrepreneurs wishing to further develop their enterprises, purchase a company they are managing, or sell a company that they wish to continue managing
› Pléiade Investissement, as owner of 15 companies, is not an investment fund; founded in 2000, it presently holds combined assets of 60 million euro

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