Lingl strengthens their Project Planning Team

On February 01, 2010 Adalbert Dzialoszynski started working for Lingl. Having been the sales manager of Rieter for many years Adalbert Dzialoszynski is well-known in the brick and tile industry and his experience and expertise especially in the preparation and shaping sector will contribute to enlarge the competences of Lingl. This is another step of Lingl to consequently pursue their successful strategy of combining all key competences of the brick production technology under one roof. Lingl is proud to have won Adalbert Dzialoszynski as a member of their staff not only for his professional skills but also for his executive abilities and his team spirit.

Apart from establishing complete quotations for preparation and shaping lines Lingl now also offers engineering services like analyses and assessments of existing preparation and shaping plants.

So Lingl further strengthens their position as full-range supplier for ceramics production technology and completes their product range for the customers by including engineering services.



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