Lingl takes over the complete know-how of Novokeram

On June 30, 2010 the moment finally arrived: the managing partners of Lingl, Andreas Lingl and Frank Appel, set the seal on the taking over of the know-how of Novokeram together with Christian Wagner, the owner and managing director of Novokeram for many years.
Due to a dramatic decrease in the business situation, Christian Wagner was forced to apply for the institution of insolvency proceedings for the Novokeram Max Wagner GmbH in November 2009. The brand Novokeram and the associated know-how consisting of all industrial property rights, plans and customer data will be attended to by Lingl in the future. Moreover, the cooperation between Lingl and Christian Wagner is another important sign for the customers of the well-established brand Novokeram. Managing director Andreas Lingl: “Not only that we are glad to give new prospects to the brand Novokeram, we are also proud to have found an excellent expert with Christian Wagner who will contribute his knowledge and experience in the drying technology as well as good customer relations to the cooperation.” This solution guarantees that the numerous customers and users of Novokeram products can feel safe of being well attended to also in the future. The strategic meaning of the take-over is explained by Frank Appel: “Everybody associates Novokeram with the latest low-energy drying technology Choritherm. We think that low-energy drying has a very good potential for the future regarding the reduction of the thermal energy consumption at the production of bricks and tiles. It was Christian Wagner who sagaciously recognized the importance of this technology to the brick industry and committed himself to its further development. We at Lingl will continue this development together with Mr Wagner in order to make it ready to be brought on the market.” So it is a logical consequence that, in times where the economical and considerate exploitation of resources as well as the saving of energy constitute a decisive competitive edge, the competences in the field of process technology at Lingl are further developed. Christian Wagner is also confident: „It is important to me that my ancient customers will be attended to by such a sound company in the future. I have known Lingl with the two managing directors as a reliable and strong partner – I am sure that a sustainable solution has been found from which especially the customers will benefit to a large extent.“

With immediate effect, Christian Wagner (email: is the contact person for all the customers of Novokeram having questions about the Novokeram drying technology, the Novokeram process control systems and the supply of spare parts for Novo­keram dryers.


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