ClickBrick – for a wall without joints

With ClickBrick, the Dutch clay brick manufacturer Daas Baksteen has developed a new product that allows ­facing bricks to be stack-built dry, i.e. without mortar or adhesive. Built without joints, the wall is a straight brick façade. When the bricks are stacked, special clips are inserted that connect the products with each ­other.

1 ClickBrick system

The ClickBrick system consists of bricks that are specially manufactured with a groove. During building, a stainless steel clip is inserted into the groove for the connection of the bricks with each other.


2 Sizes/planning of the structure

Daas ClickBricks are bricks that are dry stacked and fixed with clips. The bricks are manufactured in such a way that when assembled into a wall, they fit into the modular gauge of the structure. The bricks are available in various standard sizes. On the upper and lower side of each brick is a groove to fasten the clips. Over the height and...

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