An innovation for integrated roof accoutrements: Röben‘s “solar docking tile”

Engineers at the Röben roof tile factory in Brüggen have come up with a special docking tile for in-roof solar energy systems on tile roofs, where the topmost row of roof tiles under a dormer, a flat roof window or, in this case, a solar module always has to be covered with a malleable ribbon of lead that extends up under the solar module.

Röben‘s new docking tile, though, has been made as flat as possible in the top part of the overlap in order to minimize the difference in height.

As a result, the lead ribbon deforms much less, and the slope in that area is substantially less steep, the transitions become flatter and the connections accordingly more reliable.

This also greatly reduces the likelihood of the strongly deformed lead ribbon tearing after a few years. This new docking tile will initially be marketed for use with Röben‘s FlandernPlus clay roof tiles.


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