Datapaq TM21

New radio telemetry system for real-time temperature profiling in industrial processes

The Datapaq ( ) TM21 radio telemetry system complements Datapaq’s TPAQ21 and MultiPaq21 datalogger products. Using the latest radio frequency technology, the TM21 transmits temperature data from the datalogger in real time. As the Datapaq system travels through the kiln, the product and process temperatures can be displayed, analysed and reported instantaneously. The technology is applied in almost all fields of industrial heat treatment for process monitoring.

The new Datapaq TM21 radio telemetry system is approved in compliance with the national regulations (EU, USA and Japan). It features the following innovative functions:

› Individual adaption of the system to the process with the easy-to-install master receiver and an extension with up to nine slave receivers

› Automatic frequency selection to minimize interference and maximize signal quality

› Intelligent transmission function for the simultaneous use of multiple loggers running at the same frequency and collection of all data in the Datapaq Insight software

› Connection of multiple series-connected receivers with a low-loss RS485 communication bus to maximize the signal strength

› Comprehensive system diagnostics reporting the signal status for each transmitting logger and receiver

› Improved temperature com­pensation for high-temperature operation thanks to internal self-calibration

› Longer operating life thanks to very low power consumption

› High data security with saving of the transmitted data in the logger.

Regular profiling returns reliable and reproducible data, which can be used to optimize the process. Real-time analysis of the profile enables the identification of process problems as soon as they occur, permitting the implementation of corrective measures in good time and monitoring of the effects of the changed process parameters on the temperature profile.


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