Raytek, Ircon and Datapaq join forces to create Fluke Process Instruments

Fluke Corp. is integrating its Raytek, Ircon, and Datapaq product lines into a new brand: Fluke Process Instruments. All three companies have been part of the Fluke Corporation portfolio for some time.

By joining the three companies under a single brand, Fluke Process Instruments, headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, will be able to improve communications and accelerate product innovation. Raytek, Ircon, and Datapaq branded products include a complete line of infrared sensors, line scanners, thermal imagers, and temperature profiling systems for use in harsh, high-temperature industrial manufacturing environments.

The company has launched a new website, //www.flukeprocessinstruments.com" target="_blank" >www.flukeprocessinstruments.com:www.flukeprocessinstruments.com, and will operate all related global activities under the new corporate name.

Fluke Process Instruments


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