Raytek ThermoView Pi20

Raytek ThermoView Pi20

The Raytek ThermoView Pi20 (www.raytek.de ) thermal imaging camera was developed for applications in process automation and designed for real-time thermal imaging of continuous or stationary targets.

Raytek’s ThermoView Pi20 consists of a compact and rugged infrared camera, the intuitive DTPi software Data­Temp Pi and a wide selection of industrial accessories. Featuring an IP54 rating, the thermal imaging camera is available for several temperature ranges and with different lens options. The integrated standard Ethernet interface enables transmission of up to 30 frames per second, control of the camera and easy networking over long distances. With the up to 64 configurable measurement fields, all temperature deviations can be identified and documented.

The ThermoView Pi20 camera comes with the easy-to-use DataTemp Pi software, which is specially designed to meet industrial requirements, for real-time viewing, archiving and playback of both on-line and off-line thermal images from the Thermo­View Pi20 camera. In addition, the software provides an interface to the I/O modules, which are used for triggering events, process alarms and analogue output. For applications in dirty, high temperature environments, Raytek ThermoView Pi20 is optionally available with a full complement of accessories.


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