Freymatic equips the Russian brick making factory VVKZ with new machinery

The engineers of the company Freymatic were given the task of replacing an around two-year-old machine that had been supplied by a competitor to the Verkhnevolzhskiy Brick-Making Plant LLC (VVKZ), RU-Yesinka, 220 km northwest of Moscow.
Because the machinery could not meet the contractual performance specifications either in terms of quality or in terms of quantity, the management of VVKZ had decided to replace the just two-year-old equipment.
In order to spread the financial investment, Freymatic will replace the machinery in three stages. Already the first stage enables the production of high quality products. The concept offered by Freymatic for replacing the equipment was able to overcome the customer’s scepticism after the previous experiences.
The first part supply comprises a Freymatic Multicut (multi­wire cutter) with four-side chamfering, as well as a brick grouping track with conveyor to the pallet loading. The replacement, integration and commissioning of the machines were completed within just eight working days.
Not only did the Freymatic machines immediately achieve the requested performance of 14 400 standard size bricks/hour, but also the required quality was immediately delivered. The Swiss company has demonstrated in the first of three stages that it fulfils the contractual terms reliably and in due time. The customer thanked the company Freymatic for the accomplished job and was glad to state that the Freymatic machines work “like the world-famous Swiss clocks”.
A report on the commissioning of the second stage for increasing the productivity follows soon.

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