Interview with Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Knüpfer, Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen e.V. (IZF – Institute of Brick and Tile Research Essen Regd)

Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Knüpfer – new IZF Institute Director

As of 1 April this year, Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Knüpfer, 57, an expert with in-depth knowledge of the ceramics industry, has taken over as the new Director of the Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen e.V. (IZF – Institute of Clay Brick and Tile Research Essen Regd). The “newcomer” has worked for many years at the world-famous Porzellan Manufaktur Meissen and plans to lead the Institute into the future with great élan. We talked to Dr Ullrich Knüpfer about his goals and visions.

Zi: Now, around two years after the sudden death of ­Dr.- Ing. Karsten Junge, you are the new Institute Director at the IZF. The sector has been eagerly awaiting your appointment as with the death of Dr Junge it lost a universally respected expert. For you, the clay brick and tile industry is a new field. What are you expecting from this new challenge?


U.K.: I see it as an exciting challenge that I am very much looking forward to taking on. Here at IZF I have found huge professional potential on which I want to build and try to inspire further. Certainly, you need a great deal of creativity...

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