DTP turntable presses of the latest generation for Röben

Based on their positive experience with the DTP press that they have been using for many years, Röben Tonbaustoffe decided to invest in a second turntable press of ultramodern design for its Brüggen plant. The new press was realized in cooperation with Rieter/Morando, to increase the capacity of accessory tiles production.

The DTP accessories press has been built for more than 30 years. The machine is regularly upgraded and adapted to state-of-the-art requirements. For many years now, the well-established basic layout of the machine has been recognized as standard for the production of high-quality and especially geometrically complex accessory tiles. The basic functionality of the machine relies on the following characteristics:

› Turntable for the lower moulds, suitable for holding up to three or four moulds, depending on its setup

› Pressure piece with a top mould

› Flexible handling unit to position...

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