Touggourt: the journey begins at EURL Briqueterie Djabri

Touggourt lies in Southeast Algeria, at the fringe of the Eastern ­Sahara. This ancient port of the desert and the spectacular oasis used to be the last safe port of call for the caravans travelling to today’s Libya, through the vast sea of sand. The transported goods made ancient Touggourt rich and famous.

Today, in the era of 4x4, Touggourt throbs with life and the will to renew itself. No caravans leave from here now, but it is the starting point for one of the ambitious projects of M. Djilani Djabri: EURL Briqueterie Djabri. This new installation for the production of 420 000 t masonry and facing bricks stands for the development and the growth of modern Touggourt.

A preliminary agreement had already been reached in 2011 after the visit to the landed property and the clay quarry. In May 2012 the final contract was drawn up, with adaptation of the project to the customer’s specifications. Delivery of the first machines and equipment was scheduled for July-­September 2012 so as to realize the work in accordance with ­Djilani Djabri’s programme.

Raw material preparation and wet product shaping was designed by Bongioanni Macchine in Fossano, Italy, one of the leading companies in the supply of machinery and equipment for the clay bricks and roofing tiles industry. The Bongioanni project consists of a clay preparation and grinding line, which feeds a wide area for storage of the mixture. Two sets of refining and shaping machines feed independently two parallel drying and firing lines for the production of 420 000 t product per year.

Grinding is done in a lump breaker with three large-dimensioned shafts. A clay disintegrator developed exclusively by Bongioanni reduces the size of clay so that the subsequent roughing roller mill has a constant flow of feed of uniform size to keep the milling clearance between the rollers. A long double-shaft mixer without grids, with double dismountable paddles, mixes the water with the clay before this is finally conveyed to the silo.

The following production line consists of two box feeders that feed two Compact LI1012 refining roller mills with hydraulic drive type, and steel rollers Ø 1 000 x 1 200 mm. This is a very successful type of roller mill manufactured by Bongioanni and has met with the customer approval as it is a user-friendly machine with a very sturdy and stiff monolithic structure, ensuring high efficiency even in tough conditions. Two double-shaft mixers prepare the mixture of clay for the two extruders, leaving the possibility for future use of additives.

Shaping consists of two Tecno 750 extruders. These extrusion units boast state-of-the-art principles for operation and extruding control. Together with all the other Tecno models, they represent the high technological level achieved by Bongioanni in developing high-quality extrusion and reducing ­power consumption.

Bongioanni Stampi S.r.l. has designed and manufactured the dies set for the new plant, using suitable anti-wear material and up-to-date technical solutions characterizing the high quality level of the Bongioanni brand.


Bongioanni in Algeria

This installation is the latest in preparation and shaping plants installed by ­Bongioanni in Algeria. Other plants and production lines have been or are being realized, some of which directly supplied to the final client while some others through important suppliers of complete plants. In the last three years, machines have been supplied to the following factories:


Roofing tiles

› Group Bouras in Setif
› El Mountaza in Rouiba
› Trust Industrie in Hadjout


Hollow bricks

› SARL Ettu Briqueterie ­Rehia in Oum El-Bouaghi
› EURL Briqueterie Touati in Guelma
› SARL Briquelive in B.B.­Ar­reridj
› SARL Meshas in B.B.Arreridj
› SARL Boumerdes in Tiaret
› Trust Industrie in Baraki
› EURL Briqueterie Djabri in Touggourt

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