Adaptability is the key

With all the travel restrictions and quarantines of 2020 and 2021 the percentage of situations in which online assistance services are used have shot up. Verdes had this option available since 2011, says a statement from the company. But now, with the addition of multiple sensors and digitalization of their machines it has made the experience richer, faster and better, says Verdés.

At the two ends of Africa, the company SAT-Distributions in Touggourt (Algeria) and another one near Johannesburg (South Africa) needed the start-up of their new extruders the same week in November. These operations earlier would have occurred with the physical presence of the manufacturer’s experts. As usually requested, this time a good internet connectivity and two or three devices with cameras were used by the plant technical and maintenance staffs. These staff members were accompanied full-time from Spain by the assigned Project Manager and Technical Assistance experts.

Thanks to the pre-planned, thorough process these two commissioning were concluded successfully, within the same timeframe and results as if the Verdes personnel had been onsite.


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