Verdés has been the 2015 Keramtex official sponsor

From 27th to 28th May in the Republic of Tatarstan with the sponsorship of Verdes took place the 13th International scientifically-practical conference "Development of the ceramic industry in Russia" – Keramtex – the largest scientific and technical activities in the field of building ceramics. The event was attended by Ceramic Industry leading experts from Russia, Spain, France and other countries, as well as representatives of the Republic of Tatarstan Government.

The first day was devoted to visit the recently inaugurated ceramic bricks production plant in Mamadysh (Republic of Tatarstan), fully equipped with Verdes machinery. Visitors led by representatives of the ceramic plant and technical specialists of Verdes got acquainted with the plant technological process and its modern preparation and shaping machines.
They also had the opportunity to get their questions replied by both the plant team and Verdés specialists who were directly involved in the plant design. Regarding this, one of the special challenges of the project was the fact that all the equipment had to be placed on the limited areas of the industrial building.

After visiting the plant the attendees could realize that preparation equipment and shaping areas included everything needed for proper work and production of high-quality ceramic products.

On the second day participants made presentations about topical issues and latest technologies in the heavy clay production industry.'
Verdés presentation focused on fine grinding of raw materials in the manufacture of ceramic products with high added value (including klinker production in Russia). The interest shown by all conference participants confirmed us the high relevance of this topic in this country.

During Verdés presentation the expert highlighted some different issues regarding the impact of carbonate inclusions on the quality of ceramic products. Moreover different methods for dealing with such inclusions were also proposed. Specially the use of both pendular and hammer mills to achieve finest grinding in the case of dry preparation lines or roller mills for wet or semi-wet processes.

Talleres Felipe Verdés, S.A.


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