Air-energy monitoring in a brickworks – first experience from the field

In the production of clay bricks and roofing tiles, reliably temperature-controlled air flows must be supplied to the process. In numerous process steps, waste heat is produced, which is mostly transported in air pipes. In both cases, large quantities of energy are transferred via the medium “process air”.

Up until now, continuous monitoring of these air streams and quantities of energy has only been conducted in very rare cases. On the one hand, energy management has so far concentrated on the main processes (kiln, dryer, etc.). Secondly, there was simply no practicable and at the same time reasonably priced measuring equipment available to perform this complex measurement task.

The “Luftmeister” (“Air Master”) is an air energy meter capable of recording the volume flow as well as the thermal rating even in challenging process air applications. Moreover, it calculates the energy transferred via the air pipe. A fully functional prototype is installed at the Röben plant in Bannberscheid, Germany. In this talk, the speaker will report on the technology and initial experience in field application.

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (TU) Jens Amberg, Luftmeister GmbH,



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