Bedeschi S.P.A. continues to grow in the Maghreb countries

Bedeschi S.P.A., founded in 1908, is a leading European company specializing in the development and engineering of plants and machinery for the clay brick and tile industry. It continues to expand its structure, know-how and technical expertise. The company based in Limena has strengthened and developed its integrated plant department by hiring more than twenty expert technicians who can draw on many years of experience in some of the leading Italian companies in this sector.

With its branch established in the Maghreb region, Bedeschi is offering its customers extensive support, fast-response technical customer service and reliable spare parts supply. This commitment is appreciated by the customers and has led to Bedeschi supplying an array of equipment to the region. In Algeria today more than 15 Bedeschi production lines are in operation, all most all equipped with the Bed 750 SLS extruder.


In Algeria, the positive trend has continued thanks to the signing of new important contracts. At Sahari El Outaya, Bedeschi will supply a plant with two Bed 750 SLS extruders and a large Bel F 130/14 lateral reclaimer.

For plants BB1 (Briqueterie Bridj1) and BB2 (Briqueterie Bridj2) in the town of Djelfa, the installation of two new lines is planned: In Plant BB1 a production line with a Bed 750 SLS extruder and a Bel F 80/13 lateral reclaimer will be installed. For the BB2 plant, a large preparation line with a capacity of 1600 t/d is planned, which will feed two Bed 750 SLS extruders and produce bricks for three kilns. This plant will also be equipped with a central silo, typical of Bedeschi, with bridge crane (Bel C 130/16).

Another important contract is the one signed with the client Amouri Briques for the new brick plant in the town of Djema, not far from the other Bedeschi installation Briqueterie Amouria, which was started up in November 2013. It will include two production lines with two Bed 750 SLS extruders and a big Bel F 130/14 lateral reclaimer.

For another long-standing client, the Tafna Group (Briqueterie di Tafna e la Briqueterie Zenata) in Tlemcen, various preparation and production machines were installed to improve the quality and quantity of the clay body. In early 2014, the brand new GGS 5500 double-shaft mixer with open mouth and various box feeders tailored to meet customer needs were delivered.

The year 2014 started very positively with the signing of two more significant contracts. The first concerns the extension of one of Bedeschi’s existing installations for the client El-Hadjeb in Biskra, represented by Khaled Hanafi, to a total capacity of 2 200 t/d for both the old and new plant together. The second contract was signed with Amouri Lazhari, whose brickworks also in the industrial district of Biskra is to reach a capacity of 1400 t/d.

In Tunisia, following conclusion of a contract with the B.F.S. group, represented by Mohamed Aiouni, Bedeschi supported the client in late 2013 by supervising all construction and engineering work for the setup of a new brickworks with a capacity of 1800 t/d. Following analysis of the company’s operations and specific modifications, Bedeschi was able to improve the efficiency of the production lines considerably.

In the scope of a contract with the company Tejra, Bedeschi is working with the client’s technical team to evaluate different solutions for improvement of the production lines.

In early 2014 the company is supplying a Bed 750 SLS extruder and making other technical improvements for IBZ, a huge brick plant and located near Monastir.

All these well-known brick producers found in Bedeschi a reliable supplier, with great experience and strong presence in the markets of the Maghreb countries as documented by numerous references and, above all, with a technical service always ready to satisfy client needs with very short response times.


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