Bedeschi consolidates its market presence in North Africa

Besides its strong market presence in Eastern Europe, the Far East and South America, Bedeschi, the long-established Italian family-owned company, is reinforcing its position on the North Africa market. Bedeschi has scored some notable successes with the signing of various important contracts for the supply of plants and machinery for the production of clay bricks and roofing tiles.


Three new contracts ­concluded in Algeria

Bedeschi is supplying preparation and production lines to the Algerian companies SARL Briqueterie Sahari El Outaya, SARL Briqueterie Djelfa, and SARL Briqueterie Errahma. The capacity of these brick plants is 800 t/day. As in the project for SARL Eloutaya, a company that is part of the Amouri Group, which could be realized in record time with the customer’s assistance and is currently in full production well in advance of the contractual time limits, all plants are integrated lines that include the following components:
› two box feeders with hopper for dosing the raw materials
› one toothed crusher equipped with two motors
› one new disintegrator type DS 450/1200
› one refining roller mill
› one new and fully improved GG 4 500 double-shaft mixer filter (more than 20 machines of this type have already been installed  ­in Algeria)
› one box feeder for sand
› one refining roller mill
› one storage system equipped with lateral excavator type BEL F 80/13
› one large box feeder with hopper as a buffer
› a second double-shaft mixer filter type GG 4 500
› one LPS 12 x 10 refining roller mill of the latest design, equipped with a new type of grinding machine
› one BED 750 SLS extruder, 750 mm in diameter, having a large mixing grid, double lubrication station for reduction gears, large-dimensioned fan for tropical temperatures and many other innovative extras

A new brick plant is ­currently being commissioned for B.A.L. (Briqueterie Amouri Laghouat) for the production of 1 400 t/day, with two production lines and six roller mills, two extruders of the type BED 750 SLS, so the number of roller mills in operation in Algeria will reach 28!

Moving north, to Tlemcen, a contract for the supply of one large-size GG 5 500 mixer filter and three box feeders all complete with frequency converters was signed with the customers Tafna and Zenata.


Activities in Tunisia

In Tunisia, only four months after signing of the contract in November 2012, one LPS 12 x 10 roller mill, one GG 4 500 mixer filter and one BED 750 extruder were supplied! All these machines were supplied to Bedeschi’s long-standing customer BKS for modernization of its existing B3 production line.

In the south of the country, a contract was signed with the very important Tunisian group Tejra/Prish/BFS for the supply of two complete lines consisting of two large box feeders for raw materials and one RS 650/1 500 toothed crusher equipped with two motors. The preparation line can work with wet and/or dry preparation. For the wet process, a large disintegrator, two box feeders and two LPS 12 x 10 roller mills were supplied, while for the dry process, four hammer mills were installed, giving the preparation line great flexibility.

The line is also equipped with two big buffer apron feeders and, downstream of this, a large GGS 5 500 mixer filter to give the clay the right moisture contents before it enters the large storage facility with lateral excavator, equipped with 130-l buckets and boom ­almost 15 m in length, ­having a capacity of 130 t/d.  ­At the exit, the line splits into two production lines, each one consisting of one CNL 8/1 500 box feeder, one LPS 12 x 10 roller mill, one GG 4 500 mixer filter and a BED 750 SLS extruder.

A brick plant with a daily output of 1 800 t/d is being built in Agareb and a second brick plant with the same capacity is being erected in the south of Tunisia, in the town of Medenine.

In addition, Bedeschi has established some local offices near to its customers to ensure local service and fast supply of spare parts.


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