Bongioanni Stampi develops new roofing tile for La Escandella

The Spanish roofing tile manufacturer La Escandella has entrusted Bongioanni Stampi with a challenging and not easy-to-achieve task: the development of a new roofing tile characterized by innovative features adapted to market needs.

The Selectum roofing tile meets this requirement with a traditional design that incorporates a number of exclusive characteristics: 100 years warranty, flawless definition and minimum water absorption thanks to firing in H-setters. The ribs and a special draining system are optimized for placement on low-pitch roofs. The tile has a Flexilock system that allows adjustment of coverage in a range from 11 to 14 tiles per m².

This new tile is suitable for any type of roof and, thanks to its high strength and wide adaptability, it can also be used in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions. It is also ideally suitable for refurbishment and renovation projects.

The design system and prototyping method of Bongioanni Stampi have led to the prompt development of Selectum roofing tiles and a complete range of accessories, but not without making sure, right from the initial stages of the study and design processes, that the end-products live up to La Escandella’s expectations, always ensuring the mandatory requirements for their manufacture are met.

The tile has been realized in a multi-stage process. First, a project team was formed comprising employees from both Bongioanni Stampi and Bongioanni Macchine. This quickly succeeded in matching the commercial market demands with the necessary process criteria.

The FEM calculation has enabled a perfect optimization of thickness and the final weight of the roofing tile, without weakening or altering its structure.

A resin prototype was then used to optimize the aesthetics of the roofing tile and its specifications for installation. It was adapted to all the different stages of the manufacturing process.

The new Selectum roofing tile will be included in La Escandella’s new high-quality range of H-Selection products.

Bongioanni Stampi S.r.l.


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