Bongioanni supplies Libyan brick plants

Bongioanni has traditionally been a leading supplier of machinery for the production of clay bricks and tiles in Libya. It has recently realized two projects, one for Surman Brickworks and one at Al Kalaa.

Surman Company

In 2014 a new installation was set up in Libya: the Surman Company located in the city of Surman, around 70 km west of Tripoli.

This plant is designed for the production of 600 t/day hollow and ceiling blocks. The preparation line supplied by Bongioanni consists of an R1200 lump breaker, an 11LD clay disintegrator, an LE810 roughing roller mill and a 610l mixer upstream of the clay souring facility.

For the shaping and extrusion line, Bongioanni installed an LI810 refining roller mill, a 610l mixer and finally a Tecno 650 extruder for stiff extrusion. A pressure head with different cone shapes was selected, suitable for extrusion with large-exit dies. Here Bongioanni supplied Gamma Plus conical dies for the following products: hollow blocks 150 x 200 mm with five exits, hollow blocks 200 x 200 mm with four exits as well as dies for ceiling blocks 420  x 160 mm with two exits and 420 mm x190 mm with two exits.

Al Kalaa

Despite the unstable situation in Libya, last year Bongioanni Macchine replaced the outdated 28MEV extruder with the latest Tecno 650 complete with extrusion pressure head and Gamma Plus die with two exits for ceiling blocks.

Following the successful replacement of an old mixer with a new Mix 510l in 2013, Al Kalaa, which had originally started up its plant with second-hand Bongioanni machines, has reaffirmed its trust in Bongioanni with this latest acquisition.

Bongioanni Macchine S.p.A.


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