Braas: Innovations for pitched roofs

With its new safety ridge system, Braas presented an innovative solution for the installation of a safety fixture under the roof covering. By means of a runner rail affixed under the ridge, roofers are able to move freely over the roof covering. Tiresome attaching and detaching of safety hooks are no longer necessary and work can be completed without interruption. The ridge system can be anchored directly into the rafters and, thanks to the enormous stability, maximizes the roofers’ safety. With this system, more than one roofer can secure themselves to the rail. The safety ridge eliminates the need for roof hooks, which impair the look of a high-value roof surface.

With the DivoDämm Easy Fix, Braas is also offering a solution for the optimum fixing of roof system components on over-rafter insulation. The patented fixing system transfers any additional loads into the substructure and facilitates the installation of roof system components. DivoDämm Easy Fix has been granted European approval, so cost-intensive individual certification for fixing roof system components on over-rafter insulation is not necessary.

In the solar sector, the monocell technology at Braas PV Indax ensures higher output of the module and makes the system more efficient than previously. Thanks to its further development, the in-roof system generates much more energy in relatively small areas.


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