Interview with Rudolf and Hans Gasser, Gasser Ceramic, Rapperswil, Switzerland

Capo 365 – we produce and deliver only the best quality!

With this claim, the Swiss brick group Gasser Ceramic launched a clay block filled with glass wool – the Capo 365 – onto the market at the end of 2015. We spoke to Rudolf and Hans Gasser, Managing Directors at Gasser Ceramic, about this “genuine Swiss-made innovation”.

Gasser Ceramic is one of the leading clay producers in Switzerland and an independent, owner-managed family business. In 2013 the Ziegelei Rapperswil Louis Gasser AG, Tuileries & Briqueteries Bardonnex S.A., Morandi Frères SA and Panotron AG were united under the umbrella of Gasser Ceramic. What has changed since then?

R. G.: Today Gasser Ceramic manufactures clay roofing tiles, clay bricks and blocks, clay floor tiles and solar systems at five locations and eleven production plants, of which five are roofing tile lines and six brick lines. With the new name and bringing the different...

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