Ceric Technologies opens its subsidiary in Algeria

Since its founding in 1960, Ceric has installed nearly 450 plants worldwide, including 66 brick plants in Algeria. Now, nearly 42 years after commissioning the first brick plant in Algeria, Ceric Technologies is strengthening its presence in Algeria by opening a subsidiary in Algiers. To better serve the Algerian brick manufacturers, Ceric has maintained its presence in Algeria since 1971, even during the difficult period of the 1990s.The sales office, established in 1979, has never been closed and five sales engineers constantly criss-cross the country. Ceric was the only foreign company to take part at the first Batimatec exhibition.

This expertise and this knowledge of the Algerian market prompted the French government to select Ceric Technologies as one of thirty companies invited to join a delegation of business leaders accompanying the President of the French Republic during his visit to Algeria on 19 to 20 December 2012. Ceric Technologies also took part at the French-Algerian Economic Forum with French and Algerian ministers in the presence of Mr Abdelmajid Tebboune, Minister of Housing and Urban Development


Everyday 4.5 mill. bricks produced with Ceric machines for tomorrow’s Algeria

This continuous presence on the Algerian territory led Ceric to offer its expertise to an ambitious national project of vital importance for common welfare: the building of new energy efficient dwellings fitted with conveniences and comfort for modern living throughout Algeria. For this purpose, over a dozen new manufacturing lines (brick plants essentially) have recently been commissioned or are being delivered by Ceric Technologies. Each day, 4.5 mill. bricks produced with Ceric machines and equipment are helping to build tomorrow’s Algeria.

Subsidiary in Algeria: a milestone for optimum service

Ceric wants to continue its commitment to its 40-year partnership with the Algerian heavy clay manufacturers and is opening a subsidiary with two main missions:
› Provision of spare and wear parts. These will be invoiced in dinars for easier trading and stock will be kept locally
› Management of the local manufacture of metal parts for which the customers were solely responsible until now. Eventually, it will be possible to export this local production, which will focus on machinery and equipment parts and components for brick and roofing tile plants (e.g. mobile racks, ducts, car frames, kiln anchors, etc.) to the European customers of Ceric Technologies and thus complement established subcontracting channels
This local production will bring extra convenience to the Algerian clients in their daily industrial operations and will also contribute directly and indirectly to the creation of jobs.

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