Certificate for brick recycling

Certified by the bvse-Entsorgergemeinschaft (Bonn): Ziegel Recycling Bayern GmbH, a company cooperating with Leipfinger-Bader (LB), has now been officially acknowledged as a waste disposal company. It has been awarded a certificate primarily in recognition of the company’s innovative recycling plant at its Mainburg-Puttenhausen site (Kelheim district, Bavaria), which guarantees closed-loop material recycling for clay masonry bricks. The plant has now been approved to process unmixed brick material from third-party suppliers, too.

To ensure that the broken bricks necessary for this can be easily transported to the plant in a sustainable process, Leipfinger-Bader is offering a brick take-back system in cooperation with Ziegel Recycling Bayern GmbH. The materials can be properly packed in big bags for transport from construction sites. “Up to now, we have processed all building materials made by Leipfinger-Bader at the plant. Now, unfilled bricks from other manufacturers have been added. For the next step, we are considering accepting and recycling clay masonry bricks filled with insulating materials from other suppliers,” explains Thomas Bader, LB’s company manager.


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