Creaton‘ Guttau plant to stop producing plain tiles

In reaction to a long, slow decline in the demand for plain roof tiles, Creaton plans to cease their production at the Guttau plant in Saxony as of mid-year.

Continued availability of Guttau‘s “Nuance”, “brindled red”, “brindled blue” and other exclusive-finish models will be assured by a buildup of relevant inventories. Socially acceptable solutions are presently being drawn up for those employees at the Guttau plant who will be affected by the change. Nevertheless, some extent of involuntary redundancy will be unavoidable.

The “Premion” model is to remain in production in Guttau. With clay roof tiles from the Autenried and Roggden facilities, Creaton AG continues to offer one of the market‘s broadest, most complete assortments of plain tiles and a full range of original accessories for all-ceramic roofing solutions.


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