Dedicated branding for screed clay tiles

For its product line Tonality screed clay tiles, the Leipfinger-Bader group of companies has created new dedicated branding with impact, as the company informs. The ceramic dry screed has been part of the group’s portfolio since its takeover of Tonality GmbH, but is now being repositioned, according to Leipfinger Bader. The brand is now presented with a modern and unfussy font and clear-cut visual imagery. This is also featured on the new website at It provides architects, installers and building owners with comprehensive information on the advantages of screed clay tiles as a natural dry screed solution as well as a concrete step-by-step guide to laying the tiles.

Screed ceramic tiles: a building material with immense potential, for instance, in timber construction and refurbishment. To do justice to the diverse advantages of its Tonality screed clay tiles and enable their targeted communication, the Leipfinger-Bader group of companies has now developed its own branding for ceramic dry screed. This has been purposefully designed to be clear-cut and straightforward, complemented with natural colour shades, reflecting the potential of the Tonality screed tiles. The ecological building material made of natural clay is suitable to meet the demanding requirements of contemporary buildings – from energy efficiency to design  and can be easily installed without any need for special equipment. “The screed tiles are an essential element in our growing portfolio, which is made up of a wide array of products for climate-neutral and healthy building. With the new branding, we can optimally convey the enormous potential of this screed solution to the target groups,” explains Thomas Bader, Managing Director of the Leipfinger-Bader group of companies.


Modern website with comprehensive information

The branding of the Tonality screed tiles from Leipfinger-Bader also includes a newly designed website at Clearly set out and featuring many examples of design with the tiles, the website gives architects, installers and building owners a general introduction to the screed tiles. For instance, they are ideal as underlay for a wide range of flooring, but they are also available as exposed design screed tiles. Suitable for heavy-duty areas, the tiles feature good moisture resistance. You can walk on them just 24 hours after they have been laid. Thanks to their high thermal conductivity, these ceramic screed tiles are also perfect for combination with tested underfloor heating systems. The website provides extensive background information on this.


Service for installers

On the internet pages, installers can also follow a detailed and practical step-by-step photo-illustrated guide on how to lay the screed tiles. This proves especially simple, time-saving and easy to plan. The website also offers an option to download an installation brochure with further information on different layer structures and for creating an even subsurface.


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