Timo Ruwoldt

Digital printing for clay roofing tiles

Thanks to inkjet printing, surfaces can be individually designed. Not only in the ceramic tile industry, but in the clay roofing tile industry too, this process enables wide-ranging design with optimum quality.

1 Introduction

In the digital printing process, a digital printer is used to apply ceramic inks in small drops (drop-on-demand technology) to the glazed surface. In this way, the required design can be realized in high resolution (depending on the type of printhead, up to 400 dpi and more are possible). The shape and geometry of the surface to be printed plays a crucial role.

As an ink supplier, Reimbold & Strick/Torrecid Group is a pioneer and world market leader in ceramic digital printing. The Torrecid Group was one of the first companies to develop pigmented ceramic inks and has more then...

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