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Danish Technological Institute (DTI)

Microwave-assisted gas firing

At the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), a project is currently underway to develop microwave-assisted gas firing (MAGF) in the clay brick and tile industry. A MAGF chamber kiln has recently been...


Technical Paper | Fachbeitrag

Timo Ruwoldt

Digital printing for clay roofing tiles

Thanks to inkjet printing, surfaces can be individually designed. Not only in the ceramic tile industry, but in the clay roofing tile industry too, this process enables wide-ranging design with...

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alexander Winkel M.Sc.

Coating improves water resistance of adobe surfaces

A coating for adobe bricks developed in a research project makes them more resistant to contact with liquid water. Produced according to the sol-gel process, the coating effectively precludes contact...


56th Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course 2017 | 56. Würzburger Ziegellehrgang 2017

Digitalization is causing lots of change in the working world. Under the heading “Industry 4.0“, industrial production is rapidly becoming intensively interlinked with modern information and...


Vacuum systems in the ceramic industry

Vacuum is a major component in the processing of ceramic bodies. Particularly in mixers and extruders, vacuum technology enables degasification of clay compounds, hence precluding air inclusions at...


Noise control

Finally, after 25 years of revision, the latest edition (July 2016) of DIN 4109 – Sound Insulation in Buildings – Standards Series, is now fully in line with the state of the art in terms of...


Industry 4.0

Digitalization is dramatically altering our economy and society. Everything is becoming more dynamic, volatile and different at an enormous pace.Progress and new developments, particularly in the...


Continuous reduction firing in a tunnel kiln

In the firing of heavy clay ceramics, the reductive process of transforming Fe2O3 into Fe3O4 can be used to generate numerous different colours, i.e., to obtain a very variegated interplay of colours. ...