Vote for the Zi Best Service Supplier Award!

Service is becoming an increasingly important aspect. Time is money, and plants must keep producing rather than stand idle waiting for a replacement part.

Many plants no longer maintain extensive warehousing, replacement parts are sometimes ordered on demand. All that not only presents brick plants with great challenges, but the suppliers, too, who want to help their customers fast, ideally with a 24-hour service. Besides the necessary replacement parts, often qualified manpower is also needed to install these.

 But service is much more. Who helps when, for example, cracks appear in the product and no one knows why – the raw material supplier, an external consultant? In times when there are ever fewer comprehensively trained specialist workers in the plants themselves, many optimizations have to be undertaken in collaboration with suppliers. This applies to many areas, be it the optimization of raw materials and engobes or energy and cost savings. Here, too, competent and fast support is often crucial.

We want to put stronger focus on service and for the first time, at ceramitec 2018, we shall be presenting the Zi Best Service Supplier Award.

 Which supplier has impressed you with their service in 2017? Who has supported you best in the planning and realization phase? Who has the best after-sales service and supplied you with replacement parts/raw materials quickly, without fuss, when you really needed them? Who has helped you competently and quickly with problems with your equipment or a clay body formulation? Who has further optimized the plant/mix they have delivered to you?

 Exclusively by vote of our Zi readers, we are awarding a prize to one supplier who offers their customers the best service. Take this opportunity to thank your suppliers for their extraordinary service and nominate your favourites on our website //" target="_blank" >

The award will be presented on Heavy Clay Day, Wednesday, 11.04.2018, at ceramitec 2018. We invite everyone to attend the presentation.


Anett Fischer
Zi Brick and Tile Industry International


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