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For 70 years now, we have been supplying you with fascinating information focussing on clay bricks and roofing tiles and their production, plant engineering, and innovative technological solutions. Further developed and new products as well as market reports and research findings are included just as much as interviews, news on companies and personnel changes.

In these 70 years, the clay brick and tile industry and its suppliers have undergone radical change. The industry has become consolidated, and from many small regional brickworks and tile factories, a few, predominantly large companies have evolved.

The markets for suppliers have long been international and they report export rates up to 90 %. But the machine and plant engineering companies have also had to face up to structural change and adjust their capacities.

All this, of course, has an impact on us as a trade journal. While in 1950, each issue contained around 40 advertisements of different manufacturers in addition to many small ads, for years now we have observed how advertising patterns have changed markedly and this development has not stopped at trade journals.

The number of advertising industry partners has fallen sharply. Besides revenue from subscriptions, we are financed largely from advertising. The size of our issues has had to be adjusted to the situation. You’ve already noticed it – Zi has got thinner and isn’t published as frequently as it once was. In 2017 we are reducing the publication frequency to six issues at the same subscription rate.

We are convinced that you appreciate your Zi and value the provision of excellent professional information by your industry magazine. If you agree, we should be delighted if you would help us secure the future of Zi. Order a second or more subscriptions for your employees.

As a brick or tile manufacturer, make clear to the suppliers how important the journal is for you, how you enjoy reading the reports in it and notice their ads!

For all suppliers to the industry, it is important that you use us more intensively as an advertising partner, be it with print or online advertising. With this, you get editorial independence, exclusivity and quality.

If you want continue reading Zi Brick and Tile Industry International in future too, then make a commitment to your journal!

I wish you a healthy, happy and successful year and should be pleased to support you in your day-to-day work not just this year, but for many more years to come.


Anett Fischer


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