Dry brick slips

BrickLine: Ventilated clinker brick slips with support cassette system

With the new BrickLine product line, Tonality offers a ventilated façade system made of brick slips and a support cassette. The rear ventilation regulates the moisture balance of the building structure, prevents the formation of mould and ensures a good climate in the rooms. The façade is constructed entirely using dry construction. Thanks to the hook system on the brick slips and the steel support cassettes, the brick slips can be installed easily, quickly and precisely. They can also be completely dismantled and reused in this way. The BrickLine brick slips façade is robust and maintenance-free and available in various colour shades and surfaces.

Facades should have a long service life and require as little or no maintenance as possible. In addition, they should reliably protect the building fabric from moisture. And if moisture does penetrate, it must be removed again immediately. A ventilated ceramic façade meets all these requirements.

The BrickLine system from Tonality is based on these principles. It is designed as a ventilated curtain façade. Between the ceramic-steel cassette construction and the insulation is the rear-ventilation gap. This must be at least 25 millimetres so that the so-called chimney effect occurs and the air rises in this rear-ventilation gap. This effect ensures that the façade remains permanently and uninterruptedly dry and creates a healthy indoor climate. During installation, the brick slips are not attached directly to the masonry, but to the support cassettes. The latter are provided with a zinc-magnesium metal coating (Magnelis ZM310 coating), which offers long-term protection against wear and corrosion.

Quality from the


High-quality clays from the Westerwald region are used for the production of BrickLine brick slips. Using the specially developed Mirco-Compressed-Sindered process (MCS process), the raw material is ground to a very fine particle size, pressed under very high pressure and gently dried before being sinter-fired. This gives the clinker brick slips the necessary robustness and strength. In addition, the elements are resistant to temperature changes, waterproof and permanently colourfast. They are classified in the highest fire protection class A1 according to DIN 4102 and EN 13501-1 and thus contribute to the safety of the building. The clinker brick slips are produced in the grid format 260 x 65 x 20 millimetres. This means that 59.2 pieces are required for one square metre of façade surface.

Screw on, hang in, finished

Thanks to the hook system specially developed by Tonality, the BrickLine brick slips can be installed easily and after a short instruction. Thanks to the mechanical anchoring, the brick slips are accurately placed at the specified distances - no subsequent gouging is required. The unhooking safety devices on the support cassettes hold the brick slips securely in position and free of tension. The façade system thus withstands the highest loads and is resistant to vibrations and shocks. It is also completely maintenance-free, as the breaking out of joint material is avoided. The BrickLine system is also convincing in terms of sustainability. The simple assembly principle allows the complete façade to be dismantled without any problems. Both the support cassettes and the clinker brick slips can either be reused on site or used in another project. In this way, the existing materials are reused in the sense of climate friendliness. Furthermore, the clinker brick slips are produced in a resource-conserving way and can be recycled by type. In addition, the BrickLine façades can be ideally used in renovation projects, as existing thermal insulation composite systems can remain on the façade and the BrickLine system can simply be hung in front of it using rod anchor systems. The façade can also be upgraded in terms of energy and fire protection in this way.

Strong colours

Whether modern, classic, eye-catching or discreet: BrickLine brick slips are available in different colours and with a wide variety of surfaces. The colour spectrum ranges from oxide red, chalk grey and lime red to sand beige and platinum black. Other colours are available on request.


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