Wassmer saws for fitting blocks and thin brick slips

The Wassmer Group specializes in the construction of machinery and equipment for the refractory industry, façade cladding elements, bricks, concrete, technical ceramics, carbon and graphite. The plants are specially designed to meet the customer‘s requirements and the corresponding products’ properties. Whether dry or wet processing, Wassmer has experience in processing difficult materials. Robotics for automatic loading and unloading, measuring of semi-finished parts, sorting out of rejects and marking of intermediate and finished products for product tracking are on request also part of the Wassmer Group‘s scope of supply. Customer specifications are met in terms of capacity, space requirements, tolerances, stand-alone offline machine or complete system and degree of automation. Design, construction, production, installation and commissioning, maintenance, as well as control technology are all offered by Wassmer from a single source.

At present the Wassmer Group is introducing its stationary continuous saw for fitting blocks:

It is problematic to cut the fitting blocks to size only on the construction site. Filled bricks are considered hazardous waste depending on the filling insulation material, and the precision of light construction site saws does not meet today‘s requirements. Construction workers who should actually be doing masonry or other work are slowed down and endangered by cutting the fitting bricks, which increases costs.

On the other hand, bricks cut at a stable saw in a brickyard reduce costs and save time. They are cut precisely, there is no waste to dispose of at the site, and the machine is durably installed, making it safer for materials and workers. The construction site does not have to provide space with access, and power connection for the additional saw.

Depending on the desired output of product, saws can be offered as continuously operating machines, or reversible machines for plants with a low demand for fitting bricks and special formats. Optional accessories such as angle stops also allow precise angle cutting for various roof pitches.

Thin brick slips and angle slips saws for all building materials:

Wassmer offers the solution for manufacturers of facing bricks with its unique double-spindle sawing technology. In particular, slips that are difficult to machine, such as particularly hard and sensitive soft slips, can be produced quickly, gently, precisely and reliably on Wassmer machines. For soft materials, the greatest benefits compared with other systems are the greater production capacity and the gentler sawing process. Guiding and clamping of the workpieces until they are completely cut through guarantees clean backs and corners and compliance with the strictest tolerances. Wassmer manufactures both single- and double-sided slip-saws, with manual loading and unloading and with full automation.

Even long special formats, so far up to 600mm, for individually designed facades or interiors, are processed reliably and safely into facing brick slips or angles.

The Wassmer brick slip saws are suitable for fired and green brick materials, clinker and also manufacturers of concrete blocks produce facing bricks and angles with Wassmer saws.

Upon request, machines designed by Wassmer can be equipped with additional units for grinding grooves and/or surfaces. Space can also be planned for retrofits if the customer at the time of purchase is not yet certain in which direction their market is tending.


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