Equipceramic upgrades a roofing tile plant for the Hermanos Diaz Redondo Group

Equipceramic, S.A. has supplied the Hermanos Diaz Redondo Group with high-capacity precision equipment to enlarge the dehacking line currently installed in its roofing tile factory in Cobeja, Toledo (Spain).

The Hermanos Diaz Redondo Group is one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of heavy clay products such as facing bricks, roofing tiles and insulating clay blocks. The relationship between the two companies goes back several years to when Equipceramic designed and executed a project to construct a plant for manufacturing special accessories for roofing tiles, next to the already existing roofing tile plant owned by this Group in Cobeja, Toledo.

In the meantime, the Hermanos Diaz Redondo Group has introduced its products onto international markets where standards are more demanding and competitiveness is higher. That motivated the Group to call on Equipceramic’s advice and know-how.

For this project, Equipceramic installed an automated system, based on robotics, to remove wire holding packages of roof tiles at the exit of the kiln in order to sort them out and replace unsuitable units.

The new line was designed to be fully compatible with the current palletizing and packaging equipment, bringing a significant improvement to the quality of dispatch packages.

Equipceramic, S.A’.s team carefully considered the most suitable solution for Hermanos Diaz Redondo Group to achieve its goal of manufacturing higher-quality products and successfully placing these either on national or international markets.

Equipceramic, S.A.

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