Flexibility, efficiency and sustainability – Keller HCW builds new Russian brickworks in Mordovia

With a future-oriented investment in its subsidiary OOO “Dubenski kirpitschny zavod” in the emerging economic region of Mordovia, the holding OAO “Mordovzement” has set another significant example for sustainable development of the construction sector in the Republic of Mordovia.

For the long-standing brickmaking site in Dubenski, Keller HCW has worked in close cooperation with the experienced client to design and realize a flexible, integrated brickworks spanning raw material preparation to the final product.

The product range of this energy-efficient brickworks comprises high-quality facing bricks and pavers in a wide variety of colours as well as highly porous blocks. With the more than 100 years of experience Keller HCW has gained in the realization of integrated plants in the Russian Federation and with the customer‘s entrepreneurial commitment, the first kiln car is set to leave the new-generation Keller tunnel kiln in July 2014. Everyone involved is working towards this goal with utmost flexibility, efficiency and continuous sustainability.

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