Freymatic multiwire cutter converted to “Euroformat”
at OAO Revdinskkij Kirpichniy Zavod

Freymatic, the machine engineering company based in Switzerland, has converted the multiwire cutter it supplied to OAO Revdinskkij Kirpichniy Zavod, a company based in Revda, Russia, in 2010. The multiwire cutter installed by Freymatic in the place of an existing old cutting harp was designed to produce facing bricks in the standard Russian formats 1 NF and 1.4 NF, chamfered on three sides.

The client decided that he wanted to produce the “Euroformat” 0.71 NF chamfered on three sides with the same multiwire cutter. In the spring of 2013, a technical modification was developed and the electric control system of the existing Freymatic cutter adapted. This cutter modification involved no more than a few minor changes to the existing cutting tools to enable continued production, which obviously had a positive effect on costs.

For the entire conversion, including commissioning and training, production was only interrupted for one day.


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