Freymatic retrofit AM cutter in Fur, Denmark, with digital drive

Downtime on the 24‑year-old analogue-controlled AM 400 cutter is a no-go risk at the Skamol A/S brickworks in Fur. As Freymatic can no longer offer a spare part service for the analogue control of this machine, the Swiss company recommended retrofitting of the cutter with a digitally controlled drive. During a two-day intervention, ­Freymatic retrofitted the cutter and trained the operatives. After this rebuild, full support and spare part service are guaranteed again.

Affected by these spare part service problems are the analogue-controlled cutters of the type AM and Variceram (Type TT). The offered solution shows ­Freymatic’s commitment to their customers over the whole machine life time. Freymatic undertakes to provide their long-time trusted customers with absolutely reliable equipment. The delivery time for this retrofit is currently two to three months.


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